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Allocate your capital toward building your brand and business rather than on your own manufacturing plants. Let BPI be an extension of your manufacturing capacity and capability.

BPI Packaging is your outsourced manufacturing and brand-building partner. We are solely focused on manufacturing and distributing brands for other companies in our areas of expertise. Operating two production facilities in the greater Memphis area, totaling more than 500,000 sq. ft., we produce a wide variety of liquid, gel, and paste products. Our over two dozen packaging lines provide tremendous flexibility and efficiency. We can fill containers ranging is size from a half-ounce bottle to a tankwagon, and blend and produce products with physical characteristics ranging from water inert to flammable, and water thin to 2,000,000 cps in viscosity.

When our customers’ products succeed in the marketplace, we win – along with them. Because our success is tied to yours, we want to do everything we can to help you win.

We develop, strive for, and value long-term relationships rather than a one-time transactional relationship. We want our customers to know that we are partnered with them for the next decade, not just the next product launch or production run.  We do not work with companies desiring overflow production unless it is consistent and for a sustained period of time.

We are focused on providing high quality, cost effective customer services and are not interested in creating our own brands or our own private label products that might compete with our customers. We avoid this conflict of interest that many of our competitors face. We are delighted to produce our customer’s brands and products, as well as assist them in creating their house brand products. We have developed and produced many private brand products at our customer’s request, and do this for their benefit rather than ours.

BPI Packaging is conservatively capitalized and has the resources through great banking relationships and through our private equity partner to support significant growth. Our private equity partner has a long term interest on its investment and, since the partner is not a fund, there’s no artificial time horizon for its investment.

This involvement by patient capital perfectly positions us as a privately held entity to do the right thing for the long haul without worrying about quarterly results, like some public companies. We can also invest in growth for the right opportunities. For more about RBM Ventures, visit and

2015 Tennessee Governor’s Award

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We want our customers to know that we are partnered with them for the next decade, not just the next product launch or production run.
We highly value Client Confidentiality
We treat your formulations as the prized intellectual property that they are.
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