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BPI recently enjoyed their 12th anniversary of their partnership with a leading Auto Care Line in 2015. It all started when this family-owned company decided to stop manufacturing its own product so they sought out a third-party manufacturer. Unfortunately, they picked the wrong partner, who couldn’t adequately support a significant increase in volume for their products. The other guys simply made promises they couldn’t keep.

In a real bind, the company contacted BPI and they stepped up to the plate. BPI Packaging “did what it took” to help. They bought and installed equipment, sourced components, blended formulas, and made product. Since that initial high intensity “rescue”, they have partnered with this company to take many more new products from the lab to production while maintaining outstanding service levels with demanding Big Box retailers. BPI has truly partnered with them over the years, acting in their interests to negotiate with suppliers and adjust formulas to save millions of dollars for them over the relationship.

This family-owned company was so successful that they were acquired by our current Fortune 100 partner. This global powerhouse leveraged the success in the USA and expanded its reach globally. BPI now makes and exports millions of dollars in products for them to Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Trust, based on years of partnership and exemplary performance has made BPI the largest co-packer of their product in the USA.

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BPI enjoyed the 12th anniversary of their partnership with a leading auto care line in 2015. It all started when this family-owned comp...

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